Report writing

(Skill in writing different type of report)

The home base study courses of business English and advance business help you creative in writing business reports, mostly the managers, supper supervisors and CEO write reports of the business. The reports simply collecting the facts and expressed it in a few words, padding and junk removed so that it cannot weary the flow of the information in hearing /reading. The business articles, writing newsletter and reporting the events is just involved skilled of reporting. The people need to master these skills in order to promoted in their jobs, or succeed in anything they pursue. There are several skills that connected, summary skills, grammar skills, note taking skills, oral communication skills and more. These skills are very important, the perfect combination of these can create are very good output report or news feed.

Moreover, the learning of these course include write; how to write routine reports or daily reports, Special reports, which is like proposal, technical reports and verbal or spoken reports. Some of the important questions in writing reports are;

  • Why am I writing the reports?
  • Who am I writing for?
  • What am I writing?
  • How am I going to write it?

These important questions shall be looked in detail. This course precisely extracted the skill that you will be using it in your carrier, it  pin point learning for those who have been employed to work much better.


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