Packaging Labeling: Free course.

The items are wrapped & packed using; container, cardboard, plastic, tinned, glass or metal. The description of; weight, quantity, date, direction  and manufacturing details are written in  a packed items. This is called labeling.  The purpose of labeling is to protect the items.

The government enacted the law, “ Pure Food Act” for manufacturers & these act contain most of the things stated in packed items.

The manufactures pay artist to design on packed items-that is to encourage customers to buy it. This is an important part of packaging. The useful information used in packed items are;

  • Weight/ volume: it contain the amount of product that measured in; grams, volumes measured in liters & quantities measured is numbers.  
  • Use –by-date: The date are written in the packed items. It is to show span of time the items can be used; after required date, it is no longer usable for consumption.
  • Direction :  The instruction on how to use is also placed. It is important for consumer to use, if consumers not following well the instruction & defects the machines; or taking  wrong timing in medication, the manufactures will not responsible for it.
  • Nutritional Information:  stated amount of; salt, fat, carbohydrates and sugar. It is designed with artificial coloring & design. some people use carefully, according to their body requirement whether  not to use salt or sugar, they choose accordingly & buy these products.
  • Manufacturers details:  It contain manufactures name, name of place produced and countries that production takes place. the special logos are place to identified production companies & countries of production.

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