Start-up capital: Free course.

The start-up capital is the first hand money- your personal money or money that  borrowed from a bank. In borrowing, entrepreneur think carefully, if they borrow more; they’ll pay more & sometimes it become difficult to repay. In bank, they see well thought out detailed plan of business so they can lend money to entrepreneurs (business men).

If you a sole trader not having enough money to start up the business, you can go with another who have; skills, qualifications and enough share for starting business. The partnership business signed an agreement- it include rules & regulations and share profit of the business.

Market Research

The group of interested people for buying particular product, make up market for that product. the place were buyers and sellers meet is also called market. In it, it consists of different desired group of customers for buying different selling items. The successful business person find information about market-a desire of buyers buying particular product. This is called Market Research, it enable entrepreneur to identify the market gap ( the spot where needs & wants are not being met) If market research is done well, it shows that outcome of that business will be viable (successful).

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