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Your perseverance and determination sprout out of the strong thought, which is faith.

The faith with perseverance and determination to achieve what we intent to, result in the successful endings and it may still come true. The lord made our mind, He wants us to sweat to earn. I always trust the word of God and I knew that it blesses the workable hands and even make it fruitful. Nothing is impossible, if the Lord is in your side, nothing will be impossible. The faith is the strong thought based on what God said, the hand of faith never let it go until it make it to reality, this of course, never doubt of what he/ she persuading. If the lord said sweat your guard, it means the physical effort and the mental effort, the combine process of these two.

If anybody can do it, we can do it. You can do all things through Christ because he is the source of all strength of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Let us fixed ourselves in motives and handle it wisely because He is the source of Knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Let the lord be your first priority, make it the source of your strength in anything you want to do; as things a getting through to its successful climax, there’s going to be carelessness to unloose His (Christ) hands. Make first priority and Hold on to Christ Hand, because His hands flow out the streams of living water to sustain human physical needs and Divine needs. Thanks for reading this piece.


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