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Vacine contained eletromagnatic properties


The fluid contained the electromagnetic nanoparticles, it can attract metal and even it can easily respond or signal to the network satellites ( 3G,4G & 5G). We will be easily monitored. The biometric system is best for the particles to react into the human system to produce digital Passport and ID. When it diffused into human DNA, it completely restructures the immune system and when it goes into sperm and eggs cells, it will destroy it, by that act, it will depopulate humanities of this planet.

The hidden agenda is behind it to enforcing these to bring fort the digital monitoring system that would easily leading to digital economy ( money bi yu nonap holim lo han, em bi kamap unit lo han blo u lo baim kaikai).

The Chinese were now monitored in their cities. The Amazon changed his ways of buying and selling items, that is in last month. They used hands only and slide through the magnetic scan device to buy items.

 When these things happened in outside, in the church the various leaders of the churches promoted ecumenism, (coming together for worship in trinity, devil;); these are the main stream churches and religions. There’s no one will be escape. The treasure and the minister of the Government team of Papua New Guinea meet with the C.E.O of Amazon to discussed these further to bring digital economy last week.

 The word of God never lies, Revelation 13 will fulfill right in our eyes. Many people will oppose it, but when they touch money, the buying and selling will be difficult because they are going to use hand scan biometric and digital system with human hand.

Therefore because of money to live in cities and towns many people will forfeit eternal life. The climax of these monitoring, it will break out with intense persecution & withdrawing of the restraining Sprit of God and will finally close the mercy door. As soon as the mercy door closed, seven last pledges will follow one after another and to the end of it, Trumpet will sound and we will see the lord appears to rescue his people. The events is unfolding, lets watch to see what will happen next, the final events will be swiftly and very quick to meet the coming of our long waiting savior.

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