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COVID 19 is a deadly Poison, the Jesuits are the master mind behind it:

The secrete fingers of evil crept into the churches through his agent of secret societies; The root of this society was formed by Ignatius Loyola and sectioned by Pope. The persecuting power revived in 1929, it is when the time the church of Rome become the State since now, it perfectly strikes the fulfillment of prophecy. The final Jesuitical king whose going to go into perdition is Pope Francis. In history there’s no Jesuits hold the office of Pope which is the first time that Pope Francis took it in the hand of Pope Benedict.

 They knew if one Jesuit hold the Pope’s office, he will work best with General of Jesuits to enforced their ecumenical worship under the set law of Sunday. “And there are seven kings: Five are fallen, and the one is and the other is not yet come; and when he commeth, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and his not, even he is the eight, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. Revelation 17:10-11”.

In 1929 is the independent of the Church of Rome, in Papua New Guinea we got it in 1975. In that year (1929), the first Pope took the office is the  Pope Pius Eleven (Xi stands for Eleven), then to Pope Pius Twelve, then to Pope John Twenty third, then to Pope John Six and  then to Pope Paul one -these were five fallen kings. Why bible referred to them as kings, it is because they were now the government, they already signed a lateral treaty & become the state church. 

The John Paul two is the “one is” which mentioned in text above” which is the 6th king and other is not yet come; and when he commeth, he will continue a short space. This is exactly the fulfillment of Pope Benedict Sixteenth, he now the seventh king. He only come and resigned and rule for a short time.

 The final eight king is the Pope Francis, even he is the eight and his of the seven and goeth into perdition (ecumenisms, Sunday law and persecution)  is the Jesuitical Pope Francis which is the eight king. He worked best with the Jesuitical General of Jesuits-they were like minded, and they were in the same shoe. The prophecy never lie, it exactly fulfill right in our eyes.

The World Health Organization and the world council of churches is controlled by Freemasons mentioned by Albert G, who is the 33 degree and further explained by Professor Walter. The Freemason is the secrete association instigated by Jesuits, if the bankers, world bank and multinational companies instigated & owned by them, it means that at the end, no one will escape, both rich and poor, free and bond will never escape in their hand-whatever they told to do will be executed out. The hand of God or the restraining hand in Revelation 7:1-3 is gradually loosen and the beginning of the wave is flowing out in COVID 19.

They stretched their persecuting muscle through COVID 19, the final King rule the world; Dragon gave her the seat, she seated on the seat of the dragon mentioned in Revelation 17. The final king going to go into perdition and persecution will be such as never was since there was a nation Daniel 12:1-They locked down the people & thoroughly monitoring them, they closed their mouth with the mask in streets and cities & they dispersed them apart because they don’t want them to disturb their plan of getting the vaccination and in- place biometric system which leading to the digital economy to controlling buying and selling. And that no man might  buy or sell, save he that had, or the name of the beast or the number of his name Revelation 13:17. The ecumenism set by the government on a single day on Sunday is the mark of the beast-the beast in the kindom (Daniel 7:23). She signed a Lateran treaty 1929 and become kindom, this church is the government and she is the kindom or beast. Her marks is the worship day soon will enforced by the law. Every world will be joined in ecumenism to worship him and dragon, her god is the trinity god. The god the trinity is the devil himself which everyone will be forced to worship him. The devil is very cleaver, he is hiding behind the Father and the son and will deceive all world- the whole world wondered after the beast. Pope’s deadly wound was healed in 1929, her persecuting power revived. “And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. Rev 13:3” If you don’t like to worship him and receive a mark of the beast, the persecution will be intense. “He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and faith of the saints.

Never take COVID VACINATION, it is the time to leave a city, the last Pope Francis is going into perdition and set the abomination and desolation foretold in Daniel 12:11, The ecumenism of churches and persecution is just around the corner. Christ himself spoke, “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation Spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, whoso readeth let him understand. Then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains; let him which is on the house top not come down to take anything out of his house. Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his cloths. And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days! Mat 24:15-19” She is now stretched her persecuting power, “For then shall great tribulation such as never was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no nor even shall be Math 24:22” Those Christian live in a city, it is time to leave a city, the final event will be swiftly & suddenly and the days will be very short and the destruction will be intense “And except those days should be  shortened, there should be no flesh should be saved: but for the elect sake, those days shall be shortened. The enacting of the  mark of the beast, seven last pledges and the coming of the lord will be very short.



Vacine contained eletromagnatic properties


The fluid contained the electromagnetic nanoparticles, it can attract metal and even it can easily respond or signal to the network satellites ( 3G,4G & 5G). We will be easily monitored. The biometric system is best for the particles to react into the human system to produce digital Passport and ID. When it diffused into human DNA, it completely restructures the immune system and when it goes into sperm and eggs cells, it will destroy it, by that act, it will depopulate humanities of this planet.

The hidden agenda is behind it to enforcing these to bring fort the digital monitoring system that would easily leading to digital economy ( money bi yu nonap holim lo han, em bi kamap unit lo han blo u lo baim kaikai).

The Chinese were now monitored in their cities. The Amazon changed his ways of buying and selling items, that is in last month. They used hands only and slide through the magnetic scan device to buy items.

 When these things happened in outside, in the church the various leaders of the churches promoted ecumenism, (coming together for worship in trinity, devil;); these are the main stream churches and religions. There’s no one will be escape. The treasure and the minister of the Government team of Papua New Guinea meet with the C.E.O of Amazon to discussed these further to bring digital economy last week.

 The word of God never lies, Revelation 13 will fulfill right in our eyes. Many people will oppose it, but when they touch money, the buying and selling will be difficult because they are going to use hand scan biometric and digital system with human hand.

Therefore because of money to live in cities and towns many people will forfeit eternal life. The climax of these monitoring, it will break out with intense persecution & withdrawing of the restraining Sprit of God and will finally close the mercy door. As soon as the mercy door closed, seven last pledges will follow one after another and to the end of it, Trumpet will sound and we will see the lord appears to rescue his people. The events is unfolding, lets watch to see what will happen next, the final events will be swiftly and very quick to meet the coming of our long waiting savior.

First Learning, Basics:Writing Style And Techniques :

Starting Right

We are not in the business of teaching you English grammar here. If you feel your grammar, spelling or punctuation need improving then look back to the Business English course. If you have particular doubts about your spelling always use a good dictionary, and if you use a computer, take advantage of the spell-check facility. But, don’t rely on this as it will not correct your work if you confuse their and there, two and too or any of the other words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings.

As we mentioned in the previous module there are a few points about which we would like to remind you before going any further. If you already feel confident of your writing ability, then skim through them quickly. On the other hand, if you are not so confident then study these points carefully or look back to the Business English course.

The first point is that you must try to write grammatically. You may think that such advice is old fashioned and certainly some of the more pedantic rules can be ignored. Nowadays we do see sentences beginning with ‘and’; we do come across split infinitives. These things are acceptable if they help to make your work flow more smoothly or make your meaning clearer. But, don’t use then simply through carelessness. So let’s now look, for a moment, at the eight parts of speech.

At some time you have probably seen the phrase, the eight parts of speech. This simply means that there are eight different jobs that English words can do. Here is a list of them, with a brief description of each.

NOUNS                             are the names of things. They tell you who or what the sentence is


The secretary typed a letter.

PRONOUNS                  are simply words like he, she and it. They save us the trouble of

having to repeat nouns. For example, instead of:

The secretary typed the letter and the secretary gave the letter to the manager.

we usually say:

The secretary typed the letter and she gave it to the manager.

VERBS                              are action words: they tell what happened. For example:

The secretary typed the letter.

ADJECTIVES               describe other words:

The secretary typed the long letter.

ADVERBS                      describe verbs:

The secretary typed the letter quickly.

PREPOSITIONS          show how a noun is related to another word:

John is in the car.

John is on the car.

John is under the car.

John is beside the car.

John is behind the car.

Those five sentences are all about John and the car. The five different prepositions give us five different meanings, because they place John in five different positions in relation to his car.

CONJUNCTIONS     These words let us add more meaning to a sentence by adding extra bits on to it:

John was in the car when it crashed.

John owns a car and a bicycle.

INTERJECTIONS     Words that people use to show emotions rather than logical thoughts. They have a meaning, but they do not fit into the logical structure of the sentence. For example:

Oh! Really! Nonsense! Hello! Goodbye! My Goodness!

These are used almost exclusively when you are speaking or in dramatic writing. As far as your business letters, memos and reports are concerned you can ignore them.

Most people can write correct sentences if they concentrate on their work and then check it carefully. So we are not going to do the job of a grammar book here. But after saying this, every part of speech has its difficulties or oddities and if you are unaware of these it can lead to poor style or incorrect and unclear writing. So, over the next few pages we are going to point out the main problem areas. We will then show you how to improve your style by being aware of the different parts of speech and how you can use them correctly and to the very best advantage.


The word noun classifies all words that represent people, places, ideas and things. It is the name of something.

As you probably know, there are four types of noun:

  • common
  • proper
  • abstract
  • collective

Common nouns cause few problems for the writer as they are simply the names of everyday things we see around us.

Proper nouns are the names of people, places etc. They always start with a capital letter and this is one area to watch. Only use capital letters where they are necessary (at the beginning of a sentence and for proper nouns). There is nothing more irritating for a reader than to have a letter or report ‘peppered’ with unnecessary capitals. Brussels is the capital of Belgium and needs a capital letter but brussel sprouts don’t. Brazil is a country in South America and needs a capital letter but brazil nuts don’t.

Days of the week and months of the year start with capital letters but seasons and points of the compass do not.

If you are writing a report about a specific organization, you put initial capitals in its title:

Acme Trading Co Ltd.

But when you refer to it later in the report, if the full title is not used, you can say:

…. the chairman said that the company was in a good trading position.

Of course, if it is your company’s policy to give initial capitals to such words as department, committee, board of directors, chairman, you must obey their rules. But the trend is away from unnecessary capitals in modern English.

In salutations on a letter you use capital letters for both Dear and Sir but when you close the letter use a capital letter for Yours but a lower case (small) letter for both faithfully or sincerely. Note this as you go through the many examples of letters in the course itself.

Abstract nouns (love, truth, honour etc) are the names of things you cannot see, hear, taste or feel. They are essential to express ideas but in business correspondence if you can find a more concrete word to describe your ideas then it will add strength and clarity to your writing. It will also help you to avoid long-winded, roundabout expressions and ensure that everyone knows exactly what you mean. Look at the following:

Rules have been drawn up for the avoidance of disputes. (Abstract)

Rules have been drawn up to avoid disputes. (Concrete)


We expressed our disagreement with the plan that would lead to a reduction in earnings for staff. (Abstract)

We disagreed with the plan to reduce staff earnings. (Concrete)

As you can see, you can often get rid of abstract nouns by turning them into verbs as we have done in this second pair of sentences. As we mentioned earlier, it also produces a shorter sentence.

Finally, we come on to collective nouns – those nouns which describe several people or things as a group: team, crew, staff, audience etc.

But, are they singular or plural?

For example, suppose there is a government with ten people in it. Is the word government singular (because there is only one government)? Or is it plural (because there are 10 people in the government)?

The answer is important, because it affects the rest of the sentence.

If the word government is singular, it is correct to say:

The government is in London.

But if it is plural, you should say:

The government are in London.

The answer is simple. Collective nouns can be singular or plural. It depends on how you use them. For example, lets look at the word ‘team’.

In the sentence:

The team is on the pitch.

we are thinking about the team as one group of men, so it is singular.

In the sentence:

The team are in their rooms.

we are thinking about them as individual players, doing different things in their lesure time. In this case it is plural.

It is sometimes hard to decide whether a collective noun is singular or plural. In such cases, it does not matter which form you choose but make sure you do not change from one to another like this:

The government is in London. They rule the country.

Do you see the mistake? In the first sentence, the word government is singular because the singular form of the verb (is) has been used.

Then, in the second sentence government is referred to as they (which is plural). It should read:

The government is in London. It rules the country.

This is because the word government is generally regarded as being singular.


We use pronouns all the time to replace nouns in a sentence so that we can avoid repetition.

For example:

The secretary types a letter and the secretary gives the letter to the manager.

Two nouns, secretary and letter are both used twice in that sentence. To avoid this clumsy repetition, we can re-phrase the sentence like this:

The secretary types a letter and she gives it to the manager.

The words she and it mean secretary and letter in this case. They improve the expression by cutting out repetition.

Without pronouns – I, you, he, she, it, we, they – it would take much longer to say everything. Pronouns are in effect short cuts that make our writing easier.

There are, however, one or two points you need to be aware of in your use of pronouns:

  • Ambiguous pronouns

Beware of using too many pronouns as this can make your meaning unclear. For instance, the meaning of the following sentence is quite clear:

Jones told Smith that Brown was a good writer.

If we replace Smith and Brown with pronouns, we get a sentence which is much less clear:

Jones told him that he was a good writer.

This is perfectly correct English, but it is not good English, for him and he could be either the same person or a different person. The sentence does not make it clear.

Another common mistake with pronouns is to use them to refer to a noun which appeared much earlier in the sentence, or even in a previous sentence. This causes misunderstanding because your reader has difficulty in knowing which noun the pronoun refers to. So always check to ensure that what is clear to you is also clear to your reader.

Last week we sent you four parcels. Two contained the new samples you requested and two contained the repeat order you kindly sent us. Unfortunately, we have just discovered that we sent you the wrong colours, so could you please return them so that they can be replaced.

We have put the pronouns them and they in bold, but what are them and they referring to? Is it the new samples that should be returned, or the repeat order, or both because the colours are wrong? We don’t know, do we? The passage just does not make it clear – and it does not make it clear, because the pronouns are a long way from the nouns to which they refer.

In this particular passage, it would have been better not to use the pronoun them at all, but to have repeated the noun to make the meaning clear. The last sentence could be rewritten:

Unfortunately, we have just discovered that we sent you the wrong colours, so could you please return the samples so that they can be replaced.

The meaning of this is now quite clear and there is no doubt that the pronoun they refers to the samples.

  • Other problems with pronouns

As you know, most sentences have a subject and predicate.

The secretary                                typed a long letter.

(subject)                                              (predicate)

The predicate usually contains the object of a sentence and in a short sentence can be made up entirely of a verb followed by the object:

The secretary                                   typed letters.

(subject)                                       (verb + object)

When using the pronouns I and me you should remember to use I when you are the subject of the sentence but me if you are the object of the sentence:

I spoke to the client. (HereIis the subject)


The client spoke to me. (Hereclientis the subject andmeis the object)

This is a particularly important point when writing about yourself and another person.

Fiona and I went to the office party. (Correct)

(subject)                                   (object)


He gave the letter to Fiona and I. (Incorrect)

(subject)                            (object)

(Take away the words Fiona and and you will see what we mean!) You should always use Fiona and me if the two of you are the object of the sentence.

Another point worth remembering is that you should say:

She is better than me at writing reports.


She is better than I.

(She is the subject of the sentence and you are the object; so this is why you use me not I.)

The relative pronouns which/that and who/whom can cause uncertainty for some people. Relative pronouns do not replace a noun in a sentence, they are in addition to the noun and refer directly to it. They also have an important role of their own to play, because they connect different parts of a sentence. Look at the following:

Have you received the samples which we sent last week?

Have you received the samples that we sent last week?

Both these sentences are correct as the two words are considered interchangeable when used as relative pronouns. But always base your decision on what you think sounds best in the context in which you are using the word.

The difference between who and whom is now considered largely a fine point of grammar.

You use who as a pronoun when the noun it relates to is the subject of the sentence.

It was the Chairman who decided on the new investment.

In this sentence the Chairman is obviously the subject, therefore we use the pronoun who.

You use whom when the noun it relates to is the object of the sentence.

I spoke to the man whom I saw yesterday.

In this sentence the subject is I. The pronoun is talking about the man. The man is the object; so we use the pronoun whom.

This difference between the use of who and whom is often ignored, many people using who all the time. But at least you will know how to use the two words correctly if youwant to.

Also, try to avoid the following type of expression:

A writer must be dedicated if he or she wants to be successful in his or her chosen career.

Many people, these days, would write:

A writer must be dedicated if they want to be successful in their chosen career.

We know that this is not strictly correct because there is not agreement between the singular subject and the plural they/their. But most people now find it better than using he or she, he/she or (s)he. But if you can avoid this by re-writing the sentence completely,then do so!

Other pronouns that you will see are one, someone, anyone, everybody and nobody. These are often used incorrectly as many people think they must be plural. This is wrong, but there is an easy way to get it right. This is by thinking about the second part of each word.

Anyone, anybody, someone, nobody.

This will help you to remember that there is only one body. This means it must be singular and so you should never make this mistake yourself.

Finally, never mix you and one in your writing:

One should always try your best to achieve good results. (Incorrect)

Sometimes one is a useful word for reports because if you are writing about something unsuccessful or warning of possible problems the use of you all the time can sound critical:

You should be aware that your actions could lead to confrontation.


One should be aware that one’s actions could lead to confrontation.

The second example sounds more objective but you should always bear in mind that over-use of one can sound both old-fashioned and pompous; so use your discretion.

Finally, some people have problems with them and those.

Can you pass me them books? (Incorrect)

Can you pass me those books? (Correct)

Them is a pronoun, not an adjective, and should never be used like one.

PNG News ( Covid 19 update)

The France President Emmanuel Macron said, “ the more we vaccinate, the less space we leave this virus to circulate.” They were enforcing people again for everyone to be vaccinated in their countries. Also, Greece, Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis said, “the health workers, who are the front line workers will be vaccinated first on September 1st.”…/coronavirus-latest… The Prime Ministers of various countries where proposing same idea to enforcing it again the vaccination, even the Prime Minister of Papua New done that through Police commissioner, but this was strongly rebuked by Majorities and it was paused and discussed. The Greece Prime Minister said, “Greece was not in danger, but unvaccinated Greece”. If they were saying like that, it means that they want every want to be vaccinated and unvaccinated one will be the one causing the public danger as a whole. 15th July 2021, my brother Gee, snap the man who stuck the one-kina coin, whom I knew him as my brother, in his side of his right hand on his vaccinated part, and the K1.00 coin get stuck there. If these vaccinated fluid contained the electromagnetic properties that easily react with elements, the life of every vaccinated individual will be in danger, it means that they will sensed them easily through their networks of satellites.

This “electromagnetic substance will restructure the DNA of human system, the natural immune system which of course, will automatically paralyzed, so that it won’t fight against other sicknesses, it will only fight against COVID 19, thus, after infiltrated through by electromagnetic in vaccination. if the infection of other sickness comes in, the body system will hardly fight against it, so other sicknesses will kill the person.

Hon Nama said, “ by these act, they want to reduce the world Population.” In India they burned thousands of human bodies, they were dying like animals in streets, town and villages after vaccinating them.…/bodies-burned-mass-cremation…. PNG never experience such mess of thousands death yet, but will see, what will happen after PNG government vaccinating vast majority of Papua New Guinean, it doesn’t occurs at once but it take few months and time to see the real effect.

Grade 11 PIMS, Second Assignment Activities & Test Topics. (Economic student)

I would like you to complete these two assignment activities on weekend and we’ll make correction on Monday. Tuesday or Wednesday, you might seat for your second test, which is out of 30 marks.  


  • Elementary theory of demand
  • Law of demand
  • A demand schedule and demand curve
  • Individual demand and market demand
  • Demand determinants & price of goods.
  • Price of related goods.
  • Substitute goods.
  • Complementary goods and
  • Assignment activity one and
  • Assignment activity two.  

How to write formal notices, memos and informal notices.

The English in business course train people to write formal notices and memos. There are certain rules to write formal notices, by following these rules, people can start writing in their company website, newsletters or in their newspaper articles. The English in business course train people also to write informal notices too and company memos. The professional need to master these skill in order to write  good memos and notices in the organisation.

The English in business offers all these skills for people to master business communication in their working field. You can register and start your course right away.

How to Generate Fast Income in Business:

The very important person to formulate idea and inserted in to extract the outcome in reality is the entrepreneur, who is very important person who take risk to combining factors of production to produce the desired outcome of the business.

The entrepreneur, is to know the strength and the weakness of the business communication skills of the individual employers in whom, he/she is employing. It is because the flowing of the business depends upon the expert of all these employers. The business communication skills are the lifeblood of the business, the communication manager must monitor closely of how individual members of the organization take part either in serving customers, writing report, writing newsletter, taking notes, taking minutes or orally talked in telephones or customers. Diligent in monitoring communication skills of business in employers, flow smoothly the overall running of the business to generate fast income.

Communication Skills:

The success of business depends on diligent effort of individual members of the organization employed, the effort that these members inserted into the organization is the contribution to the overall running of the business.

 The interconnection between them is very important, the very thing that interconnected them is the business communication skills, which is the life blood of the business organization to generate the income for the companies. The business communication offered here shall provide all these skills to boost up the performance of the organization.

The mangers of the business will learn how to write very good report of the business. He will know how to make investigative report, daily report, monthly report and writing proposal for seeking fund to extend his business. The members communication skills is very important, either in writing or speaking, individual employer of the business must expert in writing skills of different types of letters, compiling facts and evidences, making minutes, writing press release, making notes etc. The business English provide these skills to boost the growth of the business.   

Your perseverance and determination sprout out of the strong thought, which is faith.

The faith with perseverance and determination to achieve what we intent to, result in the successful endings and it may still come true. The lord made our mind, He wants us to sweat to earn. I always trust the word of God and I knew that it blesses the workable hands and even make it fruitful. Nothing is impossible, if the Lord is in your side, nothing will be impossible. The faith is the strong thought based on what God said, the hand of faith never let it go until it make it to reality, this of course, never doubt of what he/ she persuading. If the lord said sweat your guard, it means the physical effort and the mental effort, the combine process of these two.

If anybody can do it, we can do it. You can do all things through Christ because he is the source of all strength of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Let us fixed ourselves in motives and handle it wisely because He is the source of Knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Let the lord be your first priority, make it the source of your strength in anything you want to do; as things a getting through to its successful climax, there’s going to be carelessness to unloose His (Christ) hands. Make first priority and Hold on to Christ Hand, because His hands flow out the streams of living water to sustain human physical needs and Divine needs. Thanks for reading this piece.

Choosing a legal structure: Free Course.

The unregistered business established as informal business. They haven’t register in IPA ( Investment Promotion Authority). They are illegal to operate. If business established on supplying good or services more/less permanent basis, then are certain formalities that must be followed. The types of formalities depends on legal structure chosen for the business.

  • Sole Trader: It is own by single person who registered its business name in (IPA) Investment Promotion Authority. The owner can use his/her name or another name to his business  according to business Name Act. The sole trader can have employ other people to work in his business, if it expend.
  • Partnership: It is operated by two or more people & registered its business name with IPA (Investment Promotion Authority). The people who formed that partnership signed a document called partnership agreement. This is the partnership agreement that contain the share % of partners & liabilities of each partners. ( liabilities means % of the business debt each partner would responsible to pay back).
  • Company- The shareholders invested shares into the business to form company. It has more rules and regulations Under Company’s Act. The share holders are people who set up the company. The  shareholders have different share % invested. They share profit according to number of shares they invest. It is possible to have only one shareholder. The director of the company is appointed by shareholders to run a company, they manage & run day-to-day business.
  • For large companies, the director appoint non-share holder which is (CEO) Chief Executive Officer to manage the company. In every year they held Annual General Meetings (AGM’s). It is the time when director report back to shareholders of how the company is running. It is possible to vote for new director in AGM.

There are two (2) types of companies, private & public companies. The public companies list its share on PNG Stock Exchange this is the main difference between private & public. The both private and public companies have limited liability and Ltd (limited) form part of the business name.

It is easier to set up private companies. However, if more money is needed, a public company set up can make it easier to raise money as shares can be sold to many different people. The company have big advantages of limited liability- it means the liability of each shareholders for the debt of the company is limited to the value of his/her shares.

The share holders cannot be ask to put in more money to pay for any debt owned by the company. This is not the case for sole trader or partners. If they encountered trouble, court will order business to sell its assets to pay its debt & also, if they owned the private assets, that also will be sell too.

Partnership Business
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