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Uniform resources locater (URL)

A uniform (or universal) resource locator (URL) identify the address of a page on the web. The internet address in the unique name that identify the computer or user on the network. Addresses are used to send a messages between computers.

Understanding the addresses:

The Australian government have the home page with the address: the first part(http://www.) identified that the site is part of the worldwide web and its documents are in accord with the hypertext transfer protocol (http).

Browser and webserver use http to communicate with each other. The second part ( identifies the organization or body that is hosting the site, followed by the country domain. In this case the country domain. In this case the country domain is ‘au’. All countries with the exception of USA, have a country domain. Sites in the United Stated of America do not include a country domain.

Every country on the internet has a unique number. The domain name system (DNS) provide the text title for the unique number address. The internet has a scheme to name companies, institutions and individuals on the internet.

Domain Names

A domain name is used to identify the internet address of a website. Individual and organization purchase and register domain names. There is usually a fee to register a domain name an annual charge to continue using a domain name. Internet service provider often host many different domain. The ISP controls the domain name server (DNS) that directs a URL with the domain name to the actual site.

Some requirement for registering domain names are that:

  • The name cannot be already allocated.
  • The organization must be a company or registered business; this can I include individual who a registered or recognized by appropriate government or industry authorities.
  • A business name must be closely derived from the legal name of the organization.
  • Common or generic names place name are not excepted.

The organization extension:

The organization extension which is part of web address, gives an idea of primary purpose of a site. The extension includes;

  • Com- commercial business.
  • Edu-educational.
  • Net. Internet servers providers.
  • Org. nonprofit and non-government organization.
  • Gove-government and government department departments.
  • Info-providing information.

Some examples of the above are;

Air New Guinea =

University of Papua New Guinea =

Embassy of Papua New Guinea to the Americas =

Papua New Guinea Law and justice department =

Country domain:

 In many countries, the final two letters of the web address identify that country. For example the address: is an address in the United Kingdom. Papua New Guinea has the country domain “pg”.

The browser.

The browser is the software application that used to locate and excess webpages. Although browsers can have a range of features and creation tools, their primary function is to excess a page, download the content to that computer and view the page. Browser software allow users to navigate the world wide web.

Pages are assessed using established buttons and links. This software is client-based and platform-independent. This means that the browser software is developed for a range of different computers and operating systems and the same information is accessed on each platform.

Browser software is regularly upgraded and is the focus of much commercial and open-source competition. The most popular browser software is internet explorer, a browser that once commanded around 90% of usage.

Some browser companies its browsers;

  • Internet explorer is, the creator is Microsoft
  • Chrome, the creator is google.
  • Firefox, the creator is Mozilla Foundations.
  • Safari, the creator is apple and,
  • Opera is opera software.

Browser preferences:

The browser preferences and settings customize the manner in which the webpage be viewed. Basic browser preferences include;

  • The font type and font size for pages to be viewed.
  • Whether pages a viewed as ‘text’ only or text and graphics.’
  • The display color for visited and universal links.
  • The URL of the page viewed when the browser is opened.
  • The size of ‘chchae’ for the browser.
  • The URL of the favored ‘search’ mechanism.

A browser can have a number of windows active at anyone time and can access more than one page for more than one site at the time.

Browser Cache

Part of a computer hard disk can be used as a storage or ‘cache’ for the browser. A cache  is a temporary storage area that is used to keep a copy of information that has been retrieved. Thus, information from downloaded pages is stored in the cache.

When a URL is accessed the browser refers to the cache to check is the page has previously been downloaded and, if it has page information can be accessed from the local hard disk rather than downloaded again.

For frequently accessed pages, it saves time although it may deliver outdated information if the page has been update on the web. Internet explorer refer to the ‘cache’ as ‘temporary internet files’. It allows the user to set the amount of disk space allocated to storing these files.

Choosing internet option on the tool menu and then selecting the settings option tab provided the opportunity to allocate the disk space.

The option to check for newer versions of the page is used  to ensure files stored on a local hard disk do not become out of date.

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How to write up your Business Plan.

The online English in business help you write your business plan. Your business plan will include most, or all, of the following sections. But only include those sections which apply to your proposition. In the contents, it will be stated like these;

  • Instruction
  • Product or service and business history.
  • Personnel
  • Market research and marketing plan.
  • Suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Premises, equipment and transport
  • Legal aspects.
  • Financial information
  • Financial requirements
  • Appendices.

Some important question you would ask when writing business plan:

  • Who will be your customers?
  • Why will they buy from you?
  • How large is your potential market?
  • Who are your main competitors?
  • What are the main treat from these competitors?
  • What are your advantages over them? or, to this another way, why will people buy from your rather than from them?

These questions are very important to ask. By answering these questions, it will adjust you to the right directors for the success of your business. In appendix part of the content, you will put some very important information to enclose it. All these are learned in detail in English in business course.

Online English in business Student

WHAT IS REPORT & how to write proposal report.

The report is the written account of events, observed, heard, done or investigated. In English in business diploma course, you will master the skills of writing different types of report, weather events that categorized in news articles, Magazines or daily work report or writing a book report which is proposal or project proposal. The importance of report writing in organization is rarely important in profitable business. The reporting skills is very important.

The benefit of report:

The report gives factual updated information about the issue. It provides the feedback to employee, companies or government organization which it will be seen and readjust or make improvement. It is the guided information t that result in the successfulness of the companies. The managers and directors collect all factual detailed and compile it as report for improvement. The government collect all reports through register to monitor the businesses within his countries. https://kalyan-city.blogspot.

The course will looked at the following detailed of the report structure:

  1. The title /title page (including the name of the author)
  2. Circulation list.
  3. Table of contents
  4. Summary
  5. Introduction
  6. Body of report (ie Main Section)  
  7. Conclusion
  8. Recommendation
  9. Appendices
  10. Bibliography / references
  11. Glossary (explanation of technical words and explanation used)  
  12. Index

The student will be trained to write report in a Microsoft words. The computing skills will be free that goes in line with English in business course. There is a great benefit of writing report like proposal to get millions of fund to help development the project. The NGO group funded to other organization by looking through the report they provide. The English in business course provide the skills of writing report in a professional way. Those who interested to write report/proposal report can register online by paying the fee and we can send course modules for you to start.

Marketing Products: (For full course for diplloma in English in business. register online)

The Distribution of Goods & Services:

In order to sell out products, businesses goes into several stages to distribute. Distribution refers to getting goods to the producers to consumers along its stages.

The producers are the inventers, they are manufactures/growers who produce & sell out to the wholesaler. The wholesaler are the second in distribution chain. The retailer buys those products from wholesaler & sell it to consumer. The consumer is the final users of goods and services.

The goods and service are human needs & wants. The services are intangible ( you cannot touch) and goods are tangle, (you can touch). These needs & wants are provided by; manufactures, wholesaler and retailers to sell to the customers & companies.

 The importer/distributor is the business agent between the manufacture & wholesaler. In the condition where manufactures stationed outside the countries (overseas). The main role of distributer/ importer distribute or dispatching goods & service.

The direct selling involved manufactures selling goods to wholesaler then to retailer & finally to consumers. The selling involved goods & services exchange for money. The money is the medium of exchange between goods and services.

 The advertisement made by manufactures to  sell its product, benefit wholesalers & retailers. The wholesalers & Retailers never waste money for advertisement. The customers buys most of their product by seeing through the advertisement made by manufactures. This of course, causing wholesalers buying more goods from manufactures. Their market is made up of more consumers who buy their products. This type of selling is called indirect selling where manufacturers responsible for marketing of their product.

Identifying Consumers Behaviors:

The manufactures & distributors responsible for overall marketing of their product even though they are not directly selling out to customers. They conduct Market Research and Surveys to identify consumers’ behaviors, needs and wants-this are main purpose of researching and surveying. The conducting of survey involved answering series of question either orally or in written form.

The result of surveys and research help business (distributors & manufactures) draw up their budget plan, identify consumers most likely to buy their product; so that it would create a target market for them to sell their product. This is how target market is created.

Market Gaps/ Market Space:

The result of Market Research & Surveys help identify market space or gap. The gap is the space where needs and wants are not presently being met. The chances of starting new business is to identify the space of market which is not being met. It is by looking through the desire of customers’ needs and wants.

Niche Markets Vs Mass Markets:

The Mass Market meet needs and wants for most people; either old, young, male or female. The mass means all people who buy product suited to their needs. The market for product that are needed or wanted by most people is called mass market. Example, toothpaste.

The lot of competition in mass market. The businesses need to be careful because customer may sometimes change their habit or their preferences. The mass market is quite large.

The niche market are very small market apply to some people in communities. These market can be profitable but only for small number of businesses. There are few numbers of doctors so many people not buying stethoscope.

Student Activities:

Instruction: Read the topic on marketing products and answer all these questions and send it to Write it down in a word document and then convert it to PDF file and send it to us. This is the foundation course goes in-line with diploma in Business English and Advance business course.

Q1. Write complete sentences to explain;

  1. Direct Selling
  2. Indirect Selling

Q2. Name two (2) types of businesses that act as middlemen in goods distribution.

Q3. Who usually takes responsibility for advertising of product sold by retailers?

Q4. Explain what is meant by market gap?

Q5. What is the difference between Mass Market and Niche Market?

Q6. Discuss and write;

  1. Three examples of mass markets &
  2. Three examples of niche market.
  3. In which type of market would you expect there to be more competition?

Q7. If manufactures locate in overseas, who distribute products and services to wholesaler. Explain briefly.

The key words are; distribution, direct selling, indirect selling, middleman, market gap, mass market and niche market. Remember these words & know it by heart for test preparation.

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(Director of the Online English in business diploma courses)


This is an online study center in for Diploma in Business English and Advance Business English. This is the free business course offered, for the full course; pay online to register. The guide on how to study online at your home will be provided, when completing these diploma course, you will able to write business proposal for the company, setting up the business, writing down the business plan, writing down press release, writing News Paper articles and different types of letters and memos of the company.

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Online Diploma course, Register to get full course:

The Main Elements of Marketing

Marketing is the process of getting goods and services to the consumers. It involved identifying potential market, developing right product, communicating with the market, pricing & distributing product to consumers.

The way sellers focus their attention to sell their product to specific group of people is called target market-they   target specific potential buyers by seeing  their interest & propose how they would meet their needs inline with their needs of products.

The exchange of items with money or promise of money (credit) to get goods and services is called selling. It involved the interaction of buyers and sellers. The goods are items provided in the market-there are different varieties of products valued in different prices.

The services provided is intangible ( things you cannot touch); it is the action carried out to suit buyers needs & wants; example taxi services.  The main aim of marketing is to sell product. The selling is one of the process of marketing.

In order for selling to takes place, the stages of marketing must be carried out well. It is measured by how much it (product) has been sold to customers. The product can be either goods or service. Same approach used in goods and services.

The Marketing Environment

The suitable place with its cultures, level of competition laws of countries & technology, create Market environment. It  (Market Environment ) influence the marketing strategies for businesses.

Cultural Practices

The culture affect market strategies, it is one of the element of marketing environment. The culture for different places differ; for instance, if products suited to sell in highlands may not be well in coastal. Their taste & preference may differ. Land Rover in highlands and taxies in in towns and cities is one of the example for it.

Level of competition

The two or more firm selling same types of product in  a particular location steer up competition among them. The level of competition determines their market strategies. The competition arise because the businesses want to get their market share. Example, Both Digicel & Telicom fighting for market share of mobile phone market. The Digicel get higher market share by establishing billboards around the countries than Telicom. 

The greater sales signifies that firm has the larger market share. In order to get larger market share, businesses;

  • Establishing network tower
  • Marking advertisement in;
  • Newspaper ( Post courier or National)
  • Writing companies news letter
  • Radio
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Promotion
  • Establishing its brand name ( name given to particular product by manufacturers)

Government Laws

The National Executive Council (Parliamentarian) enacted laws to protect businesses in their countries. It protect businesses from making false claim and issuing out misleading advertisement. The government enact laws for packaging so that product is fit for the purposes.

Available Technologies

The stages of production affected by different technologies. For Instance, if there’s no refrigerator, fishermen will be limited in marketing its product; thus, the companies must have technological designing of very best refrigerator to store their product. There are different technologies;

  • Transport technologies
  • Sea
  • Air
  • Road
  • Media technologies
  • Radio
  • Television

The Important of Market Research

The market research refers to gathering of information about market or potential market for particular product. The two main types of market research are;

  1. Primary Market Research: refers to effort made by businesses  to find out about the market such as conducting a survey.
  2. Secondary Market Research: information collected by other organization used by businesses to make their market research. Example National Statistical Office collected current updated population.

Small businesses use Primary Market Research than large businesses. They also give out sample of product to people whether they like it or not-this is to find more about market instead of wasting lot of money trying to sell something.

Assignment Activities: (Short Questions for you to answer)

  1. Marketing involve the series of steps or stages. List and explain each stage
  2. Is advertising the same as marketing? Explain your answer in one paragraph.
  3. Explain what is meant by marketing environment.
  4. How do cultural influences the marketing of the product? Explain in one paragraph and give example for it.
  5. Why is it important to  be careful with marketing a product, when even when there is very little competition? One / two paragraphs.
  6. Who do the government laws seek to protect? Explain your answer.
  7. Write down five well-known brand name.
  8. Why is market research important? Explain in one or two paragraphs.
  9. Which type of market research is more likely to be undertaken by a very small business.

You answer all these questions after reading the marketing information and send it to Write it down in a word document and then convert it to PDF file and send it to us. This is the foundation course goes in-line with diploma in Business English and Advance business course.

Business Plan & ICT course:

One of the module that you will be looking into is preparing a business plan. This is very important and it can be prepared in several ways. The business plan involved three (3) important functions; It helps clarify and organize your thoughts, raise finance and monitor your business once it has started. These are very important thing we are going to looked at in detail, once we registered.

 We also will give you free ICT course and train you to write without looking at the keyboard (touch typing), learning you all short cut keys, different key categories, starting from; Numerical keys to function keys and teaching you in Microsoft word and excel. So that you will be improved better to type your assignment and make budget or writing your test.

Report writing

(Skill in writing different type of report)

The home base study courses of business English and advance business help you creative in writing business reports, mostly the managers, supper supervisors and CEO write reports of the business. The reports simply collecting the facts and expressed it in a few words, padding and junk removed so that it cannot weary the flow of the information in hearing /reading. The business articles, writing newsletter and reporting the events is just involved skilled of reporting. The people need to master these skills in order to promoted in their jobs, or succeed in anything they pursue. There are several skills that connected, summary skills, grammar skills, note taking skills, oral communication skills and more. These skills are very important, the perfect combination of these can create are very good output report or news feed.

Moreover, the learning of these course include write; how to write routine reports or daily reports, Special reports, which is like proposal, technical reports and verbal or spoken reports. Some of the important questions in writing reports are;

  • Why am I writing the reports?
  • Who am I writing for?
  • What am I writing?
  • How am I going to write it?

These important questions shall be looked in detail. This course precisely extracted the skill that you will be using it in your carrier, it  pin point learning for those who have been employed to work much better.


HOME STUDY: (Diploma 22 books, study at home) and (Advance diploma course 12 books) Master in writing proposal, news letter, reports, business plan, setting up the business, company and creating group association. Email: register online to get your student ID Number and study at home at your own schedule. The activities, test and assignment will all be sent through this email given. The professional tutors were engaged. (online)

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